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Everyone has a passion for innovation. Few have the stomach for it. We are engineers, investors and traders consumed by building the future of web3. Welcome. Look around.

AI Credit System
Innovate the n ew concept of credit lending,and next chapter of wealth management also enrich the ecosystem across the entire network. Stay tuned!
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Stay tuned for experiencing true asset freedom and controlling your digital wealth!
Convenient, secure and easy-to-use Web3 wallet, serving 8 million users in 168 countries around the world
Web3 wallet App
Multi-signature wallet upgraded!100%of assets under the control of users, without Central server intervention
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Chrome wallet
A browser extension wallet for crypto transfer,enabling distributed applications(dApps)on EVM networks/Cosmos networks and other blockchains
The Web3 browser supports multi-link and secure access to DApps to experience the latest DeFi DApps, trading, social, gaming and other Web3 applications
Pallet Core Features
WEB3 Social

Pallet is a decentralised private chat tool based on UDP technology and offers rich functionality and support for a variety of rich media.

Pallet Pallet
Decentralised Wallet

The decentralised wallet created on Pallet is the user's gateway to the Web3 world. The private key is held by the user and the assets are stored on the blockchain to ensure that the user has full control over their digital assets.

Pallet Pallet
AI assistance

Pallet accesses advanced big language models such as GPT to achieve superior artificial intelligence assistance, providing intelligent suggestions and automatic responses to users, greatly improving communication efficiency.

Pallet Wallet
800+DAPPS on Pallet
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Where simplicity meets WEB3.0. Powerful one-click transactions, unbeatably capital-efficient AMMs, and a modular developer experience.

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